Orona Next Smart Lift

Orona Next Smart Lift

From English Smart. "Elegant, intelligent. Ability, skill and experience.

For all audiences

Tailor-made comfort

Orona Next Smart is the solution adaptable to all types of buildings, a safe bet to meet the requirements of each of your projects.
It offers you the greatest versatility to adapt to the needs of your installation without sacrificing comfort.

4 to 13

Number of passengers


Maximum stops

1-1,6 m/s



Available accesses


Lifts designed and fully assembled in Europe

Build a unique travel experience

We put all our energy at the service of Sustainability

The greenest energy is the one that is not consumed.

Since the Essentia lift obtained the Eco-design certificate, we have reduced electricity consumption by 75%, and we currently parameterise the design of our lifts according to criteria that allow for circular economy, with alternatives such as:

  • Energy regeneration system.
  • Low consumption gearless drive.
  • Efficient LED lighting and automatic cabin lighting switch-off.
  • Lift standby.

Rushing out. Orona. Arrive on time

The mobility of people within buildings is constantly evolving. That’s why it is necessary to come up with new solutions; systems that optimise multiple lift rides, for example.

  • Easy Flow. A smart solution for high traffic installations, with multiple lifts, optimising building traffic and reducing energy consumption.

Designed to take care of you

We take care of your lift, we take care of you

Your health, and that of your loved ones, is important to us. That’s why, at Orona, we have developed a series of solutions that contribute to your wellbeing:

  • Antibacterial walls.
  • Antimicrobial handrails.
  • Air purifiers that improve air quality and moisturize the skin.

Meaningful Innovation

At the service of people

We innovate in a practical, relevant way, at the service of your needs, speeding up every journey, guaranteeing safety with maximum comfort.

  • The intelligent manoeuvre based on power electronics optimises the flow of people in the building.
  • The gearless machine allows for a smooth and vibration-free travel experience.
  • Optional 230V single-phase power supply.


Create your own space!

Configure a unique and customised cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiances:




Find your inspiration and create your own space

With the Orona Ambiences configurator you can design your lift car interior.

Commercial building, Residential house

Sustojimų skaičius

Up to 14 stops, Up to 21 stops