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During the process of new buildings being designed, it is very important to know the dimensions of the lift shafts and the functionality of the lift application.
That’s why we are always ready to provide architects and designers with detailed elevator drawings to help them accurately predict the dimensions and spaces involved in the design of buildings.
Our wide range of elevator car designs allows you to create a distinctive style, thus making the elevator both a design accent in the building and maintaining the overall style of the space by blending it into the existing environment.

Download the ORONA Next© catalogue of cabin designs

Want to create your own unique elevator cabin interior? Visit the Orona Ambiences visualisation tool: Technical solutions for elevators in different buildings are implemented using the same elevator models. Depending on the different building specificities and individual needs (for medical facilities, hotels, offices, or for lifting loads in other premises), different variations are selected, combining cab, door and other parameters: in this way, the elevator is tailored to the specific building you are designing.

Download ORONA Next© technical possibilities

(all applicable and valid standards must be referenced before designing a specific product)

Download the Disabled Persons (DP) requirements for dimensions of cabins and doors - ISO 21542:2021.

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Basic information on commonly used models:

ModelDescriptionSpeedAvailable from lifting weightMaximum lifting heightInputsStandard lift drawings
Orona Next EssentiaA low-rise elevator with a low lifting capacity (up to 630 kg) for office, hotel, residential or medical buildings, where the shaft is pre-adapted. A highly standardised solution.1320-400-450-6304-5-6-84514Standard (PDF, DXF)

90 degree angle adjustment (not compatible with FN, see model X19) (PDF, DXF)

180 degrees adjustable (PDF, DXF)
Orona Next SmartA building with a higher height and floor area and high occupant flows, where a larger, more efficient lift is needed.1 – 1,6320 – 10004 – 136021*Standard (PDF, DXF)

180 degrees adjustable (PDF, DXF)
Orona Next Smart+Medical facilities and large administrative buildings for medical and other purposes, which require maximum efficiency and capacity.1 – 1,6630 – 25008 – 337532*Standard (PDF, DXF)

90 degree angle adjustment, compliant with the requirements of the LP (PDF, DXF)
Orona Next RiseA very tall building with high traffic flows, requiring a high-performance and powerful lift.1,75 – 2,5450* – 16006* – 2113064  
Orona Next FlexComplex, cramped shafts in old towns. Renovation of a block of flats with an old lift and machine room.1180 – 6302 – 84514Standard renovation (PDF, DXF)

* – Consultation required – Optional

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