About us

“”Paradis Liftai”, Ltd. is a Lithuanian capital company that started its activity in 2011.

It is part of Paradis UAB, which specialises in the sale of passenger and freight lifts and escalators and escalators and moving walkways, together with the provision of technical services for these facilities.

With many years of experience and reliable employees and partners, the company stands out for its ability to offer exceptional products: complete elevator installation packages.

We have the necessary certificates, permits and resources to carry out the entire elevator installation quickly, efficiently, qualitatively and smoothly, both in the existing facility and in the new building project.

“Paradis Lifts”, Ltd. has successfully established itself in the elevator solutions market. We can offer our customers all the services needed to install a new lifting device. We handle the coordination of the design, the erection of the metal-framed shaft, its glazing, and the installation and delivery of the lift itself to all services without any hassle. Our lifting equipment has been installed in high-end office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, educational institutions and other high-standard facilities throughout the country.

“Paradis lifts” offers its customers highly cost-effective lifts from the world-renowned manufacturer Orona. Orona is Europe’s largest selling manufacturer of complete new elevator installations. 1 in 10 lifts sold in Europe is an Orona product.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone in Lithuania has access to only the best and most reliable lifts, recognised around the world.

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