Orona Next Cargo Lift

Orona Next Cargo Lift

From English Cargo. "Weight supported by a structure".

Charge us with everything

The strongest of the series
Orona Next Cargo is the answer to the most demanding load handling requirements, covering a complete range of uses such as stretcher lifts, forklifts or car lifts.
A combination of robustness and reliability that can handle anything.
1000 to 5000 kg

Electric drive


Available accesses


Lifts designed and fully assembled in Europe

Meaningful Innovation

At the service of people

We innovate in a practical, relevant way, at the service of your needs, speeding up every journey, guaranteeing safety with maximum comfort.

  • The intelligent manoeuvre based on power electronics optimises the flow of people in the building.
  • The gearless machine allows for a smooth and vibration-free travel experience.
  • Optional 230V single-phase power supply.

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Up to 14 stops