• This truck has compact structure and small turning radius, suitable for narrow space.
  • Electric lifting limit function: when the fork rises to the top, the system will automatically cut the lifting circuit, with high safety, low energy consumption and long service life;
  • Adopt is simple, economic and high reliable; mechanical steering;
  • Emergency stop switch and emergency reverse device as standard configuration ensure truck safety;
  • Auxiliary wheels on both sides to improve driving stability;
  • AC drive system has light operation and excellent performance;
  • Long operating handle is ergonomic and comfortable for operation.


  • 210 Ah traction battery
  • 2000 kg lifting capacity

Technical specifications

Rated capacity: 2000 kg
Lift height: 200 mm
Power unit: electric
Operation: pedestrian
Load centre: 600 mm
Travel speed empty / loaded: 4.5 / 4.2 km/h
Maximum climbing ability, with/without load: 8/15 %
Lifting speed with/without load: 21/27 mm/s
Lowering speed with/without load: 38/38 mm/s
Service brake: Electromagnetic